Staying Relaxed When Your House is a Packing Mess

Packing can turn even the most organized home into a complete disaster. In fact for the first half of packing you might feel like that you are going backwards. That somehow more stuff has entered the home to replace the things that you have already boxed. Don’t panic. This is totally normal. As you pull everything out of cabinets, drawers, and closet in order to pack it, expect the home to become unlivable. Here are a few tips to stay calm and live your best life while you are neck deep in possessions:

  • Expectation Management. The last week in your home should be like living in a hotel. Most people are tempted to get one last dinner party or baking session in your favorite kitchen the week before the move. Don’t do it. Try to plan this last hurrah earlier and expect to live as if you were in a hotel for the last week. There should be no hesitation to pack your cookware and eatware.
  • Plan Escapes. Before you move, try to identify a few close friends or family members that might be willing to host you for dinner or just time to chill. Trust me, you will get tired of restaurant food and living in the chaos. A respite at a normal home will help keep stress levels down as you fight the chaos.
  • Identify important items. In the weeks leading up to the move identify the items that you cannot live without. Sanitary items, electronics, and other items should be marked or set aside to prevent them being packed.
  • Moving Anthems. Make a soundtrack for your move and listen to it. Music helps calm those nerves when you feel like you are just sick of moving. If you prefer books on tape, find some good ones that you enjoy that will last as long as the pack and move. My wife and I enjoy listening to murder mysteries together to keep it fun and engaging. For particularly complicated moves, check out Robert Caro’s writing.

Part of a low stress move is entering the move with the correct expectations. The move may get stressful, the house will get messy, but you will get through it.


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