Packing With Pets

Pets require extra consideration when moving homes.

  1. Pets In Tow. If you are driving a rental truck and plan to tow your car, be mindful of policies of rental trucks on pets in the cab. Also, when planning your trip look for hotels that are both pet friendly and friendly to large moving trucks.
  2. Pets while Packing. During the last couple days of your packing, consider having a friend or family member watch you pet. Time is always in short supply on these days and most people skip meals and have infrequent bathroom opportunities: a situation that you should be mindful not to impose on your pet.
  3. Set Aside Pet Essentials. Make sure that you hand carry pet essentials. Medicine, food, and food bowls should all be separated from the main move and transported with your pet.
  4. Veterinarian. Get your pets’ medical records from your vet’s office and look for the vet’s office closest to your new residence. Moving can be stressful for people and pets alike and you should be prepared for any emergency situation for your pet

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