All the Uses for Cardboard while Packing

Most people think of cardboard as box material, but cardboard is one of the most useful moving materials. Also, most people today receive dozens of packages of each month in boxes that are too small for most practical moving applications. Disassembling the boxes and cutting them up will produce a wealth of small cardboard sheets that you can use in your move. Here are few of the other uses of small cardboard sheets to make your move easier and reuse your vast stock of online shopping boxes.

  • Between Plates – Cardboard is built to absorb a little force from an impact. Placing a sheet of cardboard between plates ensures that a plate does not break in transit. For those who have bought plates recently, this technique is what is used for shipping the plates from the factory to the stores.
  • Frames – Wrapping pictures frames big and small with cardboard helps protect the glass and the framed photos and art. For full instructions on packing picture frames, check out this blog post.
  • Box divider – Cardboard can act as a both a horizontal and vertical divider in a box. Remember that the more organized the boxes are packed, the more easy it will be to find and unpack your boxes at the destination.

Nobody wants to move with a pile of used Amazon boxes, so use these boxes to help make the move easier.


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