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We wish we were there to give you a hand with your move, but since we are not, we have written our best moving tips.

Packing With Pets

Moving residences with a pet requires extra consideration. Find out how you can make the transition easier for your furry friends.

How to Pack Picture Frames

Picture frames are expensive and hold precious images of family, travel, or just good memories. Moves put those frames in risk, but there are certain steps you can take to minimize the risk to picture frames. The bigger the frame the bigger the risk, so the steps you should take depend on the size of…

Preparing for Professional Movers

If you have hired professional packers and movers, you might think your work in preparing for a move is done, but you need to do a few more things to make sure the move goes smoothly. Read about those next steps here.

Should I Move Myself or Hire Movers?

Each move is accompanied by many emotions but also requires the decision whether to allow full service movers to pack and move all your stuff or pack it and move it yourself. Check out our take on this decision.

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