How to Remain Fit while Moving?

Much like the “freshman 15”, moving can also cause weight gain and a lack of fitness. Moves cause stress, disrupt established fitness routines, and result in a higher number of fatty takeout meal. Here are a few tips to keep the weight gain to a minimum while moving:

  1. Healthy Snacks. During a move, some people tend to forego eating as long as possible until hunger overwhelms them and they stop at the closest fast food restaurant they can find. Help fight the craving by planning healthy, filling snacks that are easily packed and moved to the next house.
  2. Be Mindful of Exercise Equipment. Typically a bike or other exercise equipment does not take along to pack and can be a good 15-20 min release during a stressful packing schedule. If possible, keep the exercise equipment out until the last day.
  3. HIIT. Most people enjoy a 30-45 jog or bike ride, but while moving consider doing a 15-20 minute high intensity work out that burns as many calories and can help calm some moving anxiety.
  4. Gym Planning. Be proactive in planning your fitness routine in your new residence. Find a new gym and make sure your membership is ready to go when you arrive. If you have enjoyed having a workout partner in your current residence, use social media to reach out to friends, former classmates, or future friends to partner up at the gym.
  5. Healthy Takeout? While most fast food is calory rich and full of fat, there are some restaurants where you can buy healthier takeout meals. While these restaurants may not turn into your future staples, finding a restaurant makes a great salad or a satisfying wrap will help you get a healthy meal or two during a tumultuous move.

There is no worse feeling that starting over with your fitness goals, so try not to fall off the wagon. With a little planning and a lot of self-discipline you can maintain your fitness goals during your move. Who knows? Maybe lifting all those boxes and couches will give you the biceps you have always wanted.


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