How to Pack Picture Frames

Picture frames are expensive and hold precious images of family, travel, or just good memories. Moves put those frames in risk, but there are certain steps you can take to minimize the risk to picture frames. The bigger the frame the bigger the risk, so the steps you should take depend on the size of the frame. We divide the instructions into two sizes: small frames which are generally the size of a sheet of office paper or smaller and medium/large frames which are anything larger than that.

Packing Small Frames

Small wooden frames with bubble/foam wrap and packed away with care. Metal frames require slightly more time to ensure that they are not scratched or break other frames in the box. Wrapping metal frames in paper before using bubble/foam wrap, though you can consider using a piece of cardboard to cover the front of the frame. Typically these small frames should be kept with other light objects, and for long moves they should ideally be packed in a hard case.

Packing Medium/Large Frames

These frames require a few steps to wrap.

The first step is to remove the frame from the wall.
  1. Wrap the frame in bubble wrap. Typically this is done wrapping the bubble wrap a single time around the width of the frame and taping the bubble wrap together. These lengths of bubble wrap should be placed down the length of the frame.
If the frame fits in the bubble wrap, simply place the frame in the bubble wrap. Alternatively, you can use lengths of bubble wrap to wrap the frame in horizontal strips.
  1. Use cardboard slightly larger than the frame on both sides and wrap the frame with the cardboard. You can deconstruct cardboard boxes for this cardboard or you can simply put the frame into a flattened box.
Simply slide the wrapped frame into carboard to protect the edges of the picture frame.
  1. Tape the cardboard into place over the frame. The frame should fit snugly after you tape the cardboard over the frame.

While these precautionary packing efforts can take a little more time, it is worth the effort. Unpacking your move is hard enough without the risk of broken glass or shopping for new frames.


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